Suzanne Jauchius: About the Reading


Suzanne accepts Cash or Check. Her rate is $150 for a one hour session.

What she does is called psychometry. This means she holds a personal article - a watch, a ring, car keys; something that is uniquely yours. She then sees pictures which she likens to watching a dream about you and reports to you what she sees. Suzanne does not use any other tools or devices; no crystal balls, tarot cards, angels, guides or anything else.

Suzanne begins the session by telling you about yourself, without asking you any questions. This lasts for 5 or 10 minutes. She then checks in with you to either discuss the information that came up in the first few minutes or to address any of your questions. You may ask her anything that you would like. Because of the quality and quantity of information, you are also welcome to bring a digital recording device or your smartphone downloaded with a recording App. Sessions are strictly private and confidential due to their highly personal nature.

Clients come to her for most everything: relationships, careers, family, business, if they are grappling with a decision or struggling to move on after a loss. She offers clients clarity. Clarity and specificity in her answers which help you examine your choices and experiences from a different perspective. This perspective helps you more clearly see your options and possibilities.

Suzanne is considered highly accurate, but she sees possibilities and likelihoods, not definitive outcomes. That is up to you.

Suzanne does work with missing persons with no fees involved. However, she will, without exception, only work with close family members, search and rescue or law enforcement.

Readings are in person with Suzanne for any client who lives in the state of Oregon. She does offer phone readings to out of state (or country) clients. A photograph of the client takes the place of the personal object.